says "Pearly’s Possum Socks are a luxurious way to keep your feet warm on cold rides. Yes, they are expensive, but they fully stand up to the claims the company puts forth. I look forward to slipping into them all winter long!"

Jack "the Ghost Rider" Sweeney wrote an awesome review of Pearly's on one of the worlds busiest biking sites!

Jack had his son do the laboratory testing on Pearly's odor control and writes "Pearly’s claims that their socks remain stink-free (like most wool clothing does) over several days of use. In the interest of science (and, to be fair, to mess with my child a bit), I wore these socks for about 5 days in a row and had my boy give them the “sniff test”. The results:....."


To learn what Jack's son thinks his dad's socks smell the full review here: