About Us

Margo and I went to New Zealand in February to mountain bike across the south island. It was a fantastic trip and all of you should go, however for our ride the weather was colder and raining most days.

After several days of very cold feet, we purchased, and fell in love with, an amazing pair of hiking socks. Upon our return we started the process of crafting the socks into the world’s greatest cold weather adventure sock. They are 45% fine merino wool and 40% possum fur. This combination makes them incredibly soft and warm like nothing you have ever worn before.

Pearly's are carefully made by a small team of craftsman who are expert in knitting, because of the ultra fine materials, the socks are quite a bit more expensive than you may be used to paying (think 2-3 times) but how much are warm and comfortable feet worth? We are 100% confident that you will love your Pearly's as much as we do. 

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Love AWESOME Possum!

Duke & Margo - Adventurers