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What puts the 'awesome' in Possum?

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Pearly's Possum Socks - Facts

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This is cool - Women's Kit LOVES their Pearly's!   From Chris Stirlen: My feet were warm and dry despite the 20 minutes of 12 mph sleet and rain coming at me on the 30+ mph downhill slalom part of the course. The photo is from the bike corral after the race and before the rest of the 5000 riders arrived. Shook the sand and mud splatters out my Pearlies and wore them to the after party! Thank you for such an outstanding product, Chris

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We love getting emails like these!

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Hi Duke, I received my shipment of 4 pair of socks this week.  You might be wondering why I have purchased 7 pair of Pearly's, and I can tell you I now wear them to work every day, cycling and hiking.  I'm the Shop Foreman at a Ford Dealership, and I'm walking on concrete floors 10 hours a day.  I have always worn Smart Wool socks, because comfort is essential.  I've been wearing your socks, even with the warm temperatures, I find they work great. Got your note about sponsoring.  I actually belong to two clubs.  Orange County Wheelmen (OCW)...

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From Mt. Kilimanjaro - "I have Possum and Merino! Yesss!"

One of our great German friends just returned from Tanzania where he Mountain Biked and climbed Kilimanjaro. He reported that the trip required two pairs of Pearly's, one to keep his feet warm and comfortable and another to keep his water bottle from freezing! See attached photo of Pearly water bottle insulator on the top of Africa's highest mountain.  Wolfgang's quote is "As the socks will keep my feet in good condition, I will cry out loudly "It doesn´t matter, if my feet get wet: I have Possum and Merino! Yesss!" "  

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Mountain Bike Action loves their Pearly's!

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Check out the latest Pearly's review: Zap over at MBA says "We stayed dry and warm while testing in temps in the mid to upper 30s" and our favorite comment "Pearly Possum Socks are the best New Zealand import since Kashi Leuchs"

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