We love getting emails like these!

Hi Duke,

I received my shipment of 4 pair of socks this week.  You might be wondering why I have purchased 7 pair of Pearly's, and I can tell you I now wear them to work every day, cycling and hiking.  I'm the Shop Foreman at a Ford Dealership, and I'm walking on concrete floors 10 hours a day.  I have always worn Smart Wool socks, because comfort is essential.  I've been wearing your socks, even with the warm temperatures, I find they work great.

Got your note about sponsoring.  I actually belong to two clubs.  Orange County Wheelmen (OCW) here in Orange County California.  We are the largest bicycle club here in Orange County, but we are primarily a road club.  I'm the mountain bike director of OCW.  We host the annual Amtrak Century, 1,200 riders from Irvine to San Diego every year.

The other club I belong to is Idyllwild Cycling, located in Idyllwild California and we are a mountain bike club and trail advocacy organization.  We only sponsor one event a year, the Idyllwild Spring Challenge.

So, both of these events have occurred this year, and won't occur until 2016 again.  Sponsorship is always, always, always appreciated.  I don't know what you normally offer, money, products etc.  so I'll leave that up to you.

Thanks again for selling such a great product.  Do you think someday they will ever be offered in black?  I really think you are short changing the product by marketing them a cold weather bicycling socks.  I actually wear them when road and mountain biking, hot or cold weather.  Believe it or not, I don't find them uncomfortable in warm weather.  I intentionally worn them in 95 degree weather for a 5 hour ride, and my feet did not over heat.