The Pearly’s are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. Hands down, bar none. Unless it is hot outside, my feet CRAVE the warmth and comfort of the Pearly’s. The way the Pearly’s surround the feet, insulate and encase them is something akin to the blissful feeling you get when you reach the end of a physically exhausting day and climb under the covers. It is truly amazing. For this reason alone, I can see spending a nice sum on socks but $58, I think not. But this is not where the Pearly’s shine.

Where the Pearly’s show their worth is when you are out in cold or wet weather on the bike. When the temps drop to 30 degrees and all your bits start freezing off, that is when the Pearly’s come into their own. On those rides I can tell you with confidence that every part of me was cold save for my feet. During those rides, I typically start to assess my body and I realize that what I really want is for every part of my body to be warm and comfortable. If it costs me $58 for a pair of gloves to keep me warm, $58 for a head covering, $58 for leg coverings… it is worth it. So would $58 be too much to spend on socks? Not at that moment. 

The Pearly’s are amazing socks. The combination of merino wool and possum hair makes for a comfortable, warm bed that my feet love getting in to. My normal sock problem-areas, the toe box and heel, are reinforced for extra durability and after a year of use, they look just as good as when I first got them. As a regular sock to wear around the house or out into the cold, the Pearly’s are quite good but as a cycling sock, having to deal with the cold weather riding and wetness, this is where the Pearly’s excel. The Pearly’s rock in these conditions and have become my go-to sock when the weather turns cold or wet.

                                        Jeremy Yang - MtnBikeRIders.com


A Testimony for Pearly's Possum socks: I tortured myself and entered the Tough Mudder event in Squaw Valley. As a firefighter that can go on wild fires, I know that once your feet are done, you're done. For the race I picked my socks carefully. The event ended up being 20 or so grueling obstacles, many that entailed going through tons of cold water. My feet were constantly wet, as in NEVER dry from minute one. I am not much of a runner and did the entire 14 miles without a blister. Afterwards every part of my body was hurting but my feet. Gotta love those AWESOME Possums! 
 - Kim Vail

oh these wonderful new socks!!! I would like to know where I can purchase a few more pairs.... how soon!  I love them!

Best in health,  Dolores a faithful convert. Ride on!

P.S I need to get a pair of small women socks for my girlfriend, she keeps stealing mine!  We both fight over who gets to wear them, ha!

Erik Gundersen

From the Santa Cruz guys - "Happy holidays and everyone loves your socks!  I haven't taken mine off, seriously...."

I had a good time talking up Pearly's and getting great reactions from people when they put them on.  Gave them to the Wade, Matt(co-owner and key sales guy), Carol (clothing buyer) also gave them out at Bicycle Trip to Aaron general manager and Nathan Smith clothing buyer.
They all loved them as soon as they put them on.  

I have worn them for three days now...  and they are so soft and warm that I don't want to take them off!!! Thank you for this wonderful find and gift of first pair.  Love them!!!

Regards, Dolores
Senior Project Manager
Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Jose