Care & Sizing

Pearly's are warm love for your feet, so for longest life give them a little love back. :-). Wash them once in a while...they don't need it every time you wear them but do wash them. I typically wear them 2-3 days before washing mine. 

Wash them in a normal washing machine cycle with regular laundry soap, but please don't machine dry them. Hang them up or lay out in a rack/table to dry. They will reward you with years of life. If your favorite Pearly's do somehow end up in the dryer, and they come out sized for your newborn baby niece, take them by both ends and stretch them apart. A few good yanks and they will come back to size. But please don't do this often as they will eventually fail and the dryer heat sucks the oils out of the fur stealing away the softness and luxury. 

The sizing charts are on each product page and below: