The finest bicycling socks in the world.
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Check out the origins of Pearly's - video clips from New Zealand ride


Read more → says "Pearly’s are my go-to mountain biking socks."

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 Check out the AWESOME review on You have to love these lines from the review..."I got within 15 feet of the ugly beast, he stopped, turned toward me, and made a horrible hissing noise while baring his long, pointy fangs..."  "Pearly’s are certainly the warmest and best I’ve found for winter riding–so maybe possums aren’t all bad after all."

Read more → says "most comfortable socks I have ever worn, period" pearlys possum socks posted a review of Pearly's in their Christmas guide.  Pearly loves this quote "...they’re one of the most comfortable socks I have ever worn, period. The Pearly’s Possum Socks give you warmth, comfort, softness, durability and water-repellant qualities in an excellent long lived and tough sock, well worth the steep price." Check out the gift guide and read the review! Thank you to the team at, we're glad you love your Pearly's! 

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 "BUY SOCKS THAT ROCK" The guys at MtnBikeRiders LOVE their Pearly's and have made them the go-to sock for cold weather!  Check out the whole article:

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sicklines LOVES Pearly's!

pearly's possum socks LOVES Pearly's! Check out their AWESOME review: The team at sicklines knows hardcore riding, they know hardcore gear and they LOVE Pearly's! 

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